My interest in nutrition really began during my time in the restaurant industry working as a server. I worked at a variety of establishments in my younger years, but the one that really played a starring role in steering me on a path that ultimately resulted in my career as a Dietitian, is a place called Centro – an Italian fine dining establishment in Des Moines, Iowa. I only worked here for two years, but it was an impressionable two years. In that time, I grew so much in terms of professional customer service skills, food knowledge, and in understanding myself as a person and what I wanted in life. I was exposed to cooking methods and flavor combinations that were new to me and inspiring to the point of wanting to mimic that level of cuisine in my own home. It was fun, creative, and scientific – all things I am drawn to. During this same time of what I might call a “culinary revolution” for myself, I was also feeling the effects of night after night of working late and rushed and disordered eating patterns. Needless to say, I was ready for a change and to take the steps to create a different life for myself – nutrition seemed to be a natural fit that could hold a positive space in my life. Focusing on science and health in conjunction with food led me to the world of dietetics.

Voila – here I am, in my dream career! After working with a variety of demographics during my professional working years, I find that so many people are without the skills, inspiration, or knowledge to make nutrition simple, fun, and nutritious. The wellness industry and diet culture continue to leave a trail of mixed messages that leave many confused and in a cycle of try-and-fail with nutrition and lifestyle. My hope is that Flater Nutrition will become a place with credible information, resources, and tools that will be beneficial to all.

So, what is my food philosophy? Food needs to be accessible. Meals need to be simple, but also exciting. Nutrition should spark curiosity and creativity. Food should nourish and promote health. Feeding ourselves is personal; full of preferences, likes and dislikes. Food is also something to be shared with others, to build relationships, to educate. Simply put, food is essential in countless aspects of our lives – let’s enjoy it and use it to our benefit!